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Troy Bridge Replacement Survey

The Covered Bridge on the intersection of River Road and Veilleux Road was a historic bridge in Troy, Vermont. Originally built in 1910, it was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1974 due to the iconic lattice truss structure. This bridge was the only surviving covered bridge in the town of Troy before it sadly burned down on February 6th, 2021. The town of Troy wants to use this survey to determine what the residents of the town want to replace the bridge with, and whether the bridge should be fully restored with historical accuracy. 


red covered bridge.jpg
cleaning up the debris_Rich Desrochers.jpg

Photo by Rick Desrochers

We found overwhelming from the respondents of our survey that they would like a replacement covered bridge.


Some public comments we collected:

“This is an important part of our heritage, people come from all over the country to see bridges like this in Vermont.  We need to replace the covered bridge!!”


“This bridge was a landmark and needs to remain one in this community. “


“This bridge was a representation of the idyllic nature of Troy VT, it was involuntary taken away from our community and should be restored”

bridge poll.png

Thank you to all that participated!

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