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Photo Credit: Andrew Lanoue



This hands-on educational session enables participants to explore the aquatic ecosystems around them and teaches children that biomonitoring can be a good indicator of ecosystem health

Available as

in-classroom lesson


optional outdoor component

What is a Watershed? 

In this session students interact with our watershed model and in turn learn how their individual actions impact the aquatic world around them. 

Available as

in-classroom lesson w/ 

Powerpoint and watershed model 

What Happens When it Rains?

Seeing really is believing. In this session students examine the runoff and infiltration from various soil samples. Demonstrating how water flows across various land use areas. 

Available as

in-classroom or outdoor lesson

w/ tabletop rainfall simulator

Every year the MRBA offers educational sessions to schools and organizations throughout the watershed,

to engage and train responsible watershed stewards from an early age. 

If you are interested in learning more about our programs, please contact our Community Relations Coordinator, Corrina, at

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