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Partner Resources

Our wonderful partners produce materials that we use regularly for project planning, site assessments, and more. Below are some of those resources that you may also enjoy using.

rain garden.JPG

Lake Champlain Sea Grant and UVM Extension updated and produced the Rain Garden Manual for Vermont and the Lake Champlain Basin as a resource for homeowners, local officials, or anyone interested in protecting water quality. 


VT Department of Environmental Conservation produced the Vermont Guide to Stormwater Management for Homeowners and Small Businesses as a way to help homeowners and small business owners identify ways to improve and protect water quality and manage stormwater runoff at its source.


Every few years, our friends at the Lake Champlain Basin Program produce the State of the Lake and Ecosystems Indicators Report to inform citizens and resource managers about the health of the Lake. Since 1998, versions of this valuable resource have helped identify actions we can take to protect and improve Lake Champlain and its watersheds.


In 2022, the VT Department of Environmental Conservation produced the Vermont Bioengineering Manual with an intent to provide designers, contractors, environmental consultants, regulators, and shoreland property owners to resources to successfully implement shoreland bioengineering practices to protect and restore Vermont's more than 1,500 miles of shorelands.

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