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Jay Land Group

The Jay Land Group, an ad-hoc committee, is pursuing a path for the Town of Jay to purchase 194 acres of land near the heart of the Village in Jay to create an enduring multi-use green space on a property that has a long history of public uses.

Physical Attributes Map.jpg

The 194-acre parcel lies in the floodplain of the Jay Branch and is a significant wetland; the wetland functions of flood protection, water purification, groundwater recharge, and wildlife habitat provide great value to the community and the region.

This collaborative project aims to leverage and support the physical features of the parcel to integrate human uses while sustaining and expanding the vital ecosystem services present there. 

Some of the benefits of community ownership that have been identified include a fire pond for public safety, affordable housing, multi-use recreation, conservation and restoration of an important natural area, outdoor education, flood resilience, and community building.

You can read more about this proposed project and the potential community benefits in the Executive Summary written February 9, 2024, or by looking over the minutes from the initial interest meetings, below.

Exploratory Site Plan.jpg

The Jay Land Group has met to discuss this property and potential desires that the community may wish to see on it. These meetings are always open to the public and all are invited to join. If you would like to join the list to receive direct notice of future meetings and copies of minutes and other meeting materials, reach out to Ellen via email.

Minutes from December 21, 2023                    Minutes from January 18, 2024                    Minutes from February 22, 2024

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