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Close your eyes; imagine your favorite stream-side spot. Can you hear the water burbling along its merry way? Can you feel that first cold touch of water on your toes, or the warmth of rocks that have been soaking up the sun?

We are so lucky to have the stream and river resources that surround us, provide us places to explore, to escape the heat, to enjoy the summer. We also have the responsibility to take care of these places. With the MRBA's Adopt-A-Site program, you and your family can monitor and protect one of your special places. We'll provide you with site details and equipment to test the water, look for invasive species, note native flora and fauna, and gather any litter that you may encounter, as well as a handy tote for carrying these items in. 

You'll commit to visiting your site once a month and filling out a datasheet, so that the MRBA can track any changes that may occur.

We'll also put a sign up at the location with the name of the adopter - so that other visitors will know that your spot is cared for, and so they will be encouraged to also do their part to protect it.

Join us today as we give back to the spots that we enjoy.


Sites that are currently open for adoption include:

  • Lowell Falls, in Lowell

  • Four Corners, in Troy

  • Longley Bridge, in Montgomery

  • Three Holes, in Montgomery

  • Creamery Bridge, in Montgomery

Contact us today to claim one of these beautiful spots, or to suggest your own. 

We'll provide you with the Adopt-A-Site kit, instructions, and our thanks!

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