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Welcome to our 2023 LEAP Interns

The MRBA is excited to announce that we have hired two high school interns for the summer of 2023, Charles Daniels and Aine Remmers. The MRBA Interns will work to encourage and facilitate stewardship projects by landowners that restore stream or shoreline habitat and that decrease runoff to streams and lakes. This work is in collaboration with The Lake Education and Action Program (LEAP) through the Lake Champlain Sea Grant.

Charles is an avid fisherman who enjoys many outdoor activities including canoeing and

kayaking. He enjoys learning about fish and wildlife and has taken the opportunity to recreate on the Missisquoi River yearly. In addition to learning, Charles also volunteers and most recently was helping youth learn to fish at the What’s Out Here series fishing festival. Charles attends Richford Junior Senior Highschool, where he is a member of the Bass fishing team. He has a passion not only for fishing but a genuine love of the outdoors in general. He spends much of his summer in the woods or on the water practicing outdoor skills or learning different bodies of water and how to fish them.

Aine is a passionate environmentalist and advocate for sustainable practices, who has

grown up living next to the Trout River. She loves being outdoors, hiking, reading, and collecting rocks. She also competes for the North Country Highschool Snowboarding, Cross Country, and Track teams. Her passion for the outdoors has led her to an interest in environmental science and conservation. While attending North Country Union High School, Aine has taken Honors Biology, Environmental Science and Honors Earth Science. Aine will be entering the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mechatronics (STEM) Program at the North Country Career Center this fall.

The MRBA LEAP Interns will share information about water quality improvement practices with the public, conduct outreach within our watershed and provide access to MRBA programs (i.e. talk with property owners about water concerns on their land and possible solutions), work directly with property owners to implement shoreline and riparian restoration projects at 3 or 4 sites; visit projects sites with MRBA staff to assist with surveys and design, implement projects such as tree planting, invasive control in riparian areas, and river clean-ups, follow-up site visits to assess success, and assist in data collection, such as taking water samples.

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