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Join The MRBA Board

Joining the Board of Directors of the Missisquoi River Basin Association (MRBA) is an excellent opportunity for community members to get involved in preserving and enhancing the natural beauty and integrity of the river. As a member of the board, you can play an active role in promoting responsible use of the river and advocating for measures that protect the river's habitats. The MRBA is dedicated to ensuring that the river remains

accessible to all community members, so they can enjoy its beauty and take part in recreational activities such as paddling, swimming, fishing or simply enjoying its beauty. The river is a valuable part of the communities it flows through, and your involvement in the MRBA can help ensure that it remains a cherished resource for generations to come. Whether you are a longtime resident of the area or a newcomer to the community, joining the MRBA board can provide an opportunity to make a positive impact and give back to your community.

When asked why he is on the MRBA Board; Board President John Little said: "Good friends, and a sense of responsibility to protect our most valuable asset, and perhaps also a wish to teach folks about what a gem we have here in our region in the hopes that they too will help in some way or another."

Current Board Member Paul Stanley, when asked why he joined the Board and continues said: "As for joining the board it was more or less attrition. Getting involved with the group as it started in Swanton with Ducks unlimited, maybe off here, attending meetings. Was working with Franklin County NRCD at the time and Dayton Fleurey was a member of both and he asked about tagging along to meetings. Judy Bond was involved at the time and along

came Cynthia. Judy struck up interest in computer mapping and connecting crop field data to the maps, still using her program today. Interest grew in the group with a tie of water quality and land management along with the social side of Agriculture awareness in the community. As for continuing with the group, the many friends made with MRBA and its progression are what keeps the connection going and will be until physically or mentally (this is on going) unable to participate. We have watched many accomplishments evolve, however, two recent ones that will carry us far into the future is bringing staff in on official pay roll and the office renovation are tops."

Joining the MRBA Board of Directors is an opportunity for you to have your voice heard, make a difference and help guide the organization to achieve our mission.

For more information on the MRBA Board of Directors, please visit:

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