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Environmental Education

Educating current and future generations of environmental stewards is important. That is why every year the MRBA offers educational sessions to schools and organizations throughout the watershed, to engage and train responsible watershed stewards from an early age.

Lake Lessons

Lake Lessons is a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) and

cultural heritage education workshop for 4th grade learners. This workshop takes place at the St. Albans Bay and Georgia Beach Parks, with each session lasting a half day. This place-based, hands-on educational program is provided by staff and volunteers from a partnership of organizations around Franklin County and beyond. In 2023, six schools participated with 346 students learning about their connection to Lake Champlain.


Bugworks is an educational program offered to students about our local ecosystem's aquatic life and how it relates to our watershed. This hands-on program provides in classroom activities and an optional field trip to an outside stream or river. Students learn about identifying insects, insect life cycles, aquatic food chains and webs, and how to evaluate data while collecting their own.

What is a Watershed

In this session students interact with our watershed model and in turn learn how their individual actions impact the aquatic world around them. Available as in-classroom lesson with Powerpoint presentation and watershed model.

What Happens When it Rains

Seeing really is believing. In this session students examine the runoff and infiltration from various soil samples. Demonstrating how water flows across various land use areas. Available as in-classroom or outdoor lesson with tabletop rain fall simulator.

​To learn more about MRBA education and outreach programs, and how you can request one for your school or group, please visit:

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